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Rolling bone custom dog magazine cover featuring a french bulldog sitting next to his artwork in the photo
Custom Pet Magazine Cover
Dogmopolitan custom pet magazine cover featuring shiba inu dog breed
Custom Pet Magazine Cover
Playdog custom dog magazine cover featuring poodle dog breed
Furbes custom dog magazine cover featuring vizsla dog breed
Dogue custom magazine cover featuring cute dog

    Custom Pet Magazine Cover

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      Girl in a jacket


      Follow the tips below when taking your pet's photo! If you aren't able to follow these steps exactly, don't worry! We have a dedicated team who check all orders and photos as they come in.

      If your photo doesn't meet our criteria, we'll let you know within 1 hour of receiving your order, and help you choose a more suitable one!

      • Close up photos work best!

      • Take your photo at eye level with your pet.

      • Take your photo in natural daylight and don't use flash.

      • Try to get your pet to sit or stay still - make sure there's no blur.

      • Make sure long floppy ears are in the photo and are not out of frame.

      Girl in a jacket


      We'll manufacture and ship your order within 2-3 days

      US order delivery time: 2-5 days from the date it is shipped out

      International orders: 5-10 days from the date it is shipped out

      All orders are shipping with tracking

      our happy customers!

      check out all available Designs!

      When placing your order you can change any element of the design. Want different colors, or custom titles with jokes about your pet? Let us know when completing your order!

      Custom Pet Magazine Cover

      Surprise any pet parent with a truly unforgettable gift. 🎁

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 63 reviews
      Katie F.

      I bought 3 portraits as gifts and I could have not been happier with the finished product. I could not stop laughing at how classy and professional the dogs looked on magazine covers. My parents laughed and were also touched bc they love their little guy. My best friend laughed so hard when he opened it as well as my neighbor. These covers are such a great idea. I'm very happy with how much everyone loved them. They make people laugh. Great gift idea! Thank you!

      Melissa Ray

      Amazing product. I loved it so much, I got 3! Great quality. Very clear and very well printed. 10/10.

      Destiny Dichtel

      The best gift you could give! So easy to upload and create your pets portrait! We have one of each of our dogs now, and they are always a huge hit when we have visitors to the house!


      Wonderful experience! Great product, responsive seller. So happy with my experience! Working on getting these framed as they are frame worthy!

      Kylee C

      I could not be happier with our portraits! They turned out EXACTLY how I hoped they would. The artists are amazing, and allowed me to review and suggest adjustments. They are perfect, and I can’t wait to get them hung up. If you’re on the fence about ordering, I strongly recommend you pull the trigger - you won’t be disappointed!


      We are here to help!