Welcome to RAREPUPPY!

Hi, I'm Paul, a creative problem solver from a tiny European country Lithuania. I'm also a proud pet lover and the founder of RAREPUPPY. Three years ago, I searched for a custom pet portrait to match my minimalist design aesthetic and complement the modern interior. But I came up short.

And just like that, RAREPUPPY was born. OK, not that easy. It took some moving and shaking. But when I finalized my very first custom dog portrait of Yoshi, my furry friend Shiba Inu, I felt an instant rush of joy. I gave meaning to his importance to me, and I suddenly started feeling even closer to him. Since then, I've had one goal: to spread this joy to as many pet-loving people as possible.

At RAREPUPPY, we celebrate the bond between people and pets. Above all, your bond with your beloved furry friend will offer them the happiest life. And here is what we do: we work on emotional art that will help strengthen your connection.