The 5 Best Places to Display Your Custom Pet Portrait

by Paulius Verseckas on August 12, 2022
cute pug dog sitting on the couch next to a custom pet portrait of him. Pet portrait features his name and silhouette of his dog breed. Everything is put on black backround and has colorful cute pastel color blocks

Your pet is a cutie pie…and don’t they know it!  

Those soulful eyes, button noses, and fluffy ears are simply adorable. Just like how we display photographs of family, friends, and loved ones around the house, people also want to have images of their beloved cats, dogs, birds, horses, etc. 

At RAREPUPPY, custom pet portraits are our speciality! 

Beautiful silhouette style artwork can be ordered in any color combination and size. But the question is…where to display it? 

To help you decide where to hang your pet’s portrait, here is a list of ideas from the artists at RAREPUPPY.


The Best Places to Display a RAREPUPPY Pet Portrait 

1. In the living room

black dog sitting in the living room next to a couch and coffee table

Chances are, you spend A LOT of time in the living room. From relaxing on the couch to watching your favorite show on TV, the living room is where we go to hang out. Plus, it’s one of the first rooms guests see when they enter your home.

So, show off your pet by displaying their portrait here! 

For example:


  • Above the fireplace
  • Opposite a window
  • In the middle of the wall
  • Sitting on a bookshelf

2. Above their food bowl

cat next to a food bowl with her head up looking at the custom pet portrait hanging on the wall in front of her

 Does your cat or dog have a special eating area? If yes, consider displaying their custom pet portrait here. Hanging artwork above their food and water bowl is an adorable way to dedicate a small space, just for them. 


3. As part of the family gallery 

living room with free space on the wall where pet portrait could be hung

As an animal lover, you no doubt are familiar with the term “fur baby.”

Afterall, our pets are like four-legged children! Therefore, it makes total sense to include them in the family photo gallery. You can hang their RAREPUPPY portrait up alongside your favorite birthday, wedding, graduation, and holiday pictures.

Low on free space? 

Try adding artwork to the hallway or walls leading upstairs. 


4. Over their bed (or yours)

cute brown dog with curly fur in his owners bed looking directly at the camera

Okay…we admit it…at RAREPUPPY, we let our dogs sleep in the bed.

Come on! Who doesn’t love a good puppy snuggle? Enjoy catching those Zzzz’s in a bedroom decorated with pet artwork. Calming colors like blue, purple, green, and white will add a sense of tranquility as you peacefully drift t o sleep – dog included.

Prefer everyone snooze in their own beds?

That’s okay! RAREPUUPY dog portraits also look great above dog crates, cushions, and cat beds. You can even match the color of the fabric for stylish décor. 


5. In your office 

office desk where you can put your custom pet portrait

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could be with our pets 24/7? 

Alas, most employees work in an office. The good news is the office is a fantastic place to display your pet’s portrait and be reminded of their love throughout the day. RAREPUPPY has a sizing guide to help. For smaller spaces, go with an 8 x 10 portrait. Larger offices can accommodate anything from a 12 x 16 to 24 x 36. 

Artwork is modern, simple, and perfect for above a desk.  

Final Thoughts

Most pet parents have hundreds of photographs of their fur baby. Take your love a step further with a custom pet portraits. With worldwide shipping and a variety of color palettes to choose from, everyone can enhance their living space with RAREPUPPY art! 

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