Rarepuppy Goes Viral With Custom Dog Magazine Covers

by John Fletcher on April 06, 2023
rarepuppy custom dog magazine cover featuring shiba inu dog handing on the wall

Rarepuppy, e-commerce company from tiny European country Lithuania that specializes in custom pet art such as renaissance pet portraits and modern minimalist pet canvas art, has recently gone viral worldwide after their custom dog magazine covers gained attention on social media. The company, which was founded by a dog lover, creates custom pet portraits from photo featuring customers' dogs.


custom dog magazine covers rolling bone, dogue, furbes, dogmopolitan


The company's products have gained popularity due to their unique and personalized nature. Customers can choose from a variety of magazine cover designs such as Dogue, Dogmpolitan, Playdog, Rolling bone and other iconic magazines, then provide a photo of their dog, customize titles or headlines. Rarepuppy team then works their magic to create a custom magazine cover featuring the customer's pet. The finished product is a one-of-a-kind custom dog portrait from photo that captures the personality and spirit of the customer's furry friend.


Rarepuppy's products have been shared on social media by many happy customers, resulting in a surge of orders and attention for the small company. The team at Rarepuppy is thrilled with the positive response their products have received.


"We're so happy that our products are resonating with dog lovers everywhere," said Paulius Verseckas, founder of Rarepuppy. "Our team loves creating these dog magazine covers and we're thrilled that others are enjoying them as much as we do."


rarepuppy custom dog magazine Rolling bone cover with french bulldog


Rarepuppy's success is not only due to the unique nature of their portraits of pets but also their commitment to customer satisfaction. The team works closely with each customer to ensure that the finished product perfectly captures their dog's personality and spirit.


"Our goal is to create a product that brings joy and happiness to our customers," said Paulius. "We're so grateful for the positive feedback we've received and we're excited to continue creating custom dog magazine covers that celebrate the special bond between a dog and their owner."



Rarepuppy's custom pet portraits are the perfect gift for any dog lover looking to capture a special moment with their furry friend. With their recent surge in popularity of custom dog magazine covers, Rarepuppy is poised for continued success in the world of personalized pet products.