Memorialize your pet with custom pet portrait!

by Paulius Verseckas on July 18, 2022

Surely in your living room, bedroom or office there are a lot of photos of your loved ones, those that you see and put a smile on your face and of course, if you are a pet lover surely there is one of your furry friends.

As pet owners, we always want to capture those unique moments with our pets. It's no wonder we have our phone gallery full of photos of them. 

But what about a portrait that is totally different from the rest? Full of color, and captures the essence of your pet to the fullest.

Three pictures that shows creation of custom pet portrait, first one shows designer drawing a sketch, second picture shows artist sketch digitalized on a computer screen and third pictures shows print and framed custom pet portrait hanging on the wall

Here at RAREPUPPY we know that every pet is special to his owner and that the bond between you is unique, that's why we offer equally unique custom pet portraits hand-designed by professional artists.

There are many reasons to memorialize your pet in a portrait and here are the benefits of doing so.


Decorate your home with custom pet portraits on canvas

We offer a service that makes minimalist art, with vibrant colors and the silhouette of your pet. 

Undoubtedly this will be the best way to memorialize your dog or cat, it is a totally original and personalized work made by a digital graphic artist with a colorful, modern style and above all capturing the essence of your dog.

RAREPUPPY'S portraits will definitely brighten and liven up any room where you place it.


The center of attention

A piece of art dedicated to your dog will definitely be something that your guests will not overlook in your decoration; this is a way to show off your furry friend in an elegant way.

These portraits allow you to show off your pets, show how important he or she is to you and celebrate the bond that unites you.

If you are like us, one of those dog lovers who can't help talking about your puppy, believe us, this will be a good theme to start a conversation as they will not be ordinary photos and will definitely arouse the interest of the guests.

Black toy poodle standing next to custom pet portrait that features black toy poodle silhouette and his name on top of it, vibrant and bright color blocks that turns from red to blue going from left to right

Perfect for gift giving

Our portraits are simply for the whole family. It's not always easy to know what to give, but when the gift is for a pet lover everything becomes easier.

Canvas pet portraits is ideal gifts for any pet owner, as it is a subtle yet personalized and meaningful piece of art.

You are giving him a design of his faithful companion in his hands so that he will always have it present. Definitely a valuable gift.

It is also a gift for the pets, although they do not understand well what it means, in a house where there is a portrait of a pet there is an animal companion really loved and valued.

Give a portrait to that special dog lover and you'll see their happiness at seeing their furry friend captured in art.


Ideal for pets that are no longer with us

Not only is it about honoring the pets that are with us at home, but it is also a perfect pet memorial to remember those pets that were part of our lives, those that are physically gone but are with us in our hearts.

The pain of losing a pet can be difficult and not all people know how to keep their memory, but with our product, you can have an artistic memory in a special place in your home permanently.

Cockapoo breed dog standing next to custom pet portrait that features black cockapoo dog silhouette cut in a vibrant color blocks and has his name on top side


Minimalist art

This goes beyond typical photographs or pet portrait painting. RAREPUPPY pet portraits with the real silhouette of your dog is the main attraction, but also his name that manages to combine with a background of vibrant colors.

Each painting, color palette and silhouettes are handmade based on your preferences, making the painting unique and unrepeatable in its entirety.

Its modern design makes it ideal for any room or office and any decoration. Always giving it an elegant but vibrant and fun touch, without being too exaggerated. 

Always in tune with the aesthetics of the place.


Different sizes

Available personalization options are not only it’s design and colors but also sizes, you can choose between different sizes depending on the place where you plan to put it.


From a small size to place it on the office desk, a medium size for a bedroom or a large portrait to be the main decoration of a living room, you have the freedom to select the ones who suit you best.


A lasting memory

These portraits will remain even when your beloved dog or cat grows up and becomes an adult, it won't get lost in a pile of photos or at the bottom of your phone's gallery, nor will its design go out of style, it will always be there to remember the good times and pay tribute. And one important thing to note! RAREPUPPY custom pet portraits are for all types of pets. I know we have made references to pets like dogs and cats, but you should know that these portraits go beyond that. If you have other types of pets, regardless of their breed or species, you can also have a RAREPUPPY portrait. 

From a rabbit, birds, horses or hedgehogs. At RAREPUPPY all pets are equal and all of them can become wonderful pieces of art.

French bulldog sitting next to a custom pet portrait that features his black silhouette cut out of colored block with his name on the top side. Color blocks are variety of green color shades


Easy to order

Having to take photos can be quite difficult but ordering our portraits is just a matter of minutes. Jusst tell us the size and color you want, the name of your pet, his type and breed and your totally unique ready to wait for your new portrait.

So don't worry, it won't take hours trying to get your furry friend to stay still, nor hours looking for one among thousands of pictures where he hasn't moved out of focus.

It's all about your pet and his essence, which will kick in as soon as you are satisfied with the results.


Custom pet portraits are becoming more and more requested by pet owners. It is a new trend that is here to stay.

Because it is an original and elegant way to pay tribute and show affection for pets. It is also a totally different and original gift, a way to pay tribute and have a meaningful decoration in our homes.

These portraits will last with us forever and remind us all the beautiful moments we had with our pets!