Greatest Gifts for Pet Owners in 2022

by Paulius Verseckas on July 12, 2022

We all know how much people go bonkers over their pets. The pet industry has completely flourished in the past decade and beyond, and it's no wonder since people have completely gone wild over the connection they share with their furry friends. Whether the person you are trying to get a gift for has a guinea pig, a dog, a rabbit, or a horse, you want them to feel proud of their pet and remind them of what makes them unique. After all, we share our homes and our lives with these sentient beings, and we deserve to feel like the amazing pet parents we are. When shopping for an animal lover gift, here are some things to look for to make sure you pick something that falls under the description of the “Greatest Gifts for Pet Owners in 2022.”


Something personal

Of all the things on the market, the pet lover items that sell the best are ones that have sentimental meaning to them, and they remind the owner of their pet specifically. Imagine opening a gift and not only is it a cool mug with a dog on it, but it is YOUR dog, the one you come home to while he’s wagging his tail and rolling over so you can rub his belly. Now that’s a gift to remember. 


Something that “pops”

People love to receive something for their home that is going to add personality and color to their walls, which is why something that pops is a fantastic choice, for example vibrant custom pet portrait. Besides, no one likes boring. If they wanted something boring they would wait in traffic for 4 hours for the third time that week. Life’s got plenty of boring moments, so we definitely don’t need to add any more to it. Think bright, eccentric, and fun and you’ll be on the right track to picking the perfect gift! 


Something as unique as the pet and person themselves 

Every pet and their human has their own distinct personality, and if it can be captured in some sort of way the pet owner will feel connected to the gift and it will be a strong reminder that you went out of your way to pick a gift that was meaningful to them. 


Something memorable 

What gifts do you remember receiving? Was it the cookie you devoured in 5 seconds flat or the piece of artwork you look at and smile at on a daily basis? If it’s the cookie, more power to ya. But I am assuming it’s the art as long as it reminds you of something you love or someone who loves you that gifted it to you. The top pet gifts are usually something the animal lover can keep long-term, which is why tangible items usually take the cake with this one. 

All of these characteristics make for some awesome gifts for pet lovers, which is why the greatest gifts for pet owners in 2022 consist of items such as custom pet portrait and other memorabilia with a personal touch. I’m sure your pet-loving friend will appreciate whatever gift you decide to give them, but if you are looking to WOW them and give them a rush of joy you may want to consider a brightly colored custom pet portrait from RAREPUPPY that will last them a lifetime. Getting an animal lover something with their specific pet on it will allow them to show off what is important to them and cherish the bond they have with you and their furry friend, and that will make all the difference. Plus, they’ll be styling with a custom-made, eccentric piece of art that is just as unique as they are. 

toy poodle sitting next to a custom pet portrait that features silhouette of toy poodle dog breed