Viral Custom Pet portraits: Pet Magazine Covers

by Paulius Verseckas on June 05, 2023

Are you looking for a unique and creative way to celebrate your beloved pet? Look no further! Our custom pet magazine covers offer an extraordinary opportunity to showcase your furry friend in the spotlight. With six stunning cover designs to choose from, including Rolling Bone, Furbes, Dogue, Dogmopolitan, Playdog, and Time, you can now create a personalized masterpiece that captures the essence of your pet's individuality in a pet portrait. Join us as we dive into the world of famous dog magazine posters and discover how you can have a one-of-a-kind cover featuring your furry companion.

a banner of rarepuppy website which specialize in creating custom pet portraits such as custom dog magazine covers


Rolling Bone: Unleash the Rockstar Within!

example of rolling bone custom dog magazine cover created by rarepuppy

Imagine your pets portrait as a charismatic rockstar, gracing the cover of a legendary magazine like Rolling Stone. With our Rolling Bone cover design, your pet's vibrant personality and cool attitude will shine through. From rebellious cats to free-spirited dogs, this cover design captures the essence of the rockstar spirit. Let your pet rock the front page and showcase their unique style with our custom dog portraits!


Furbes: Let Your Pet Embrace Elegance and Success!


furbes custom dog magazine cover dog portrait

Give your dog the taste of luxury and sophistication with our Furbes cover design custom dog portrait. Inspired by the renowned Forbes magazine, this design oozes class and poise. With refined colors, regal fonts, and captivating images, Furbes symbolizes the idea that pets can be our faithful companions on the path to success. Let your pet embody grace and glamour with their own personalized Furbes cover.


Dogue: Unleash Your Pet's Inner Fashionista!

dogue - custom dog portrait - personalized pet magazine cover

Does your pet have a flair for fashion? Our Dogue cover design, inspired by the iconic Vogue magazine, is perfect for the fashion-forward furry friend. This custom dog cover captures the beauty and style of our four-legged fashionistas. With chic layouts, bold typography, and stunning photography, Dogue is a must-have for pet owners who believe that their companions should always be on-trend.


Dogmopolitan: Celebrate the Urban Pet Life!

custom pet magazine cover dogmopolitan by rarepuppy

If you and your pet thrive in the hustle and bustle of the city, the Dogmopolitan cover design is a perfect fit. Inspired by the renowned Cosmopolitan magazine, this design exudes modernity and cosmopolitan vibes. Bold typography, vibrant colors, and confident images showcase the urban pet life at its finest. From pet-friendly city spots to the latest trends in pet care and fashion, Dogmopolitan covers it all.


Playdog: Embrace Joy and Adventure!

playdog custom pet magazine cover - a custom pet portrait by rarepuppy

Pets are our partners in play and exploration. With our Playdog dog magazine cover design, inspired by the iconic Playboy magazine, you can capture the joyous and adventurous spirit of your furry friend. Lively colors, playful typography, and images of pets enjoying their favorite activities make this cover design an absolute delight. Embrace the childlike wonder and create everlasting memories with your pet.


Time: Eternalize Moments with Your Beloved Pet!

shiba inu dog magazine cover pet portrait by rarepuppy brand

Timeless moments deserve a pet magazine cover, and our Time-inspired design captures the gravity and significance of your pet's presence in your life. Clean typography, impactful imagery, and a classic layout epitomize the stories and memories shared between humans and their cherished pets. Let your pet's achievements and heroism be celebrated in a cover that stands the test of time.


different custom pet portraits styles shown in the banner of rarepuppy company which specializes in creating custom dog portraits on canvas


Now that you've explored our collection of famous pet magazine covers, it's time to take the next step and create your very own custom pet magazine cover. Give your furry friend the spotlight they deserve with a personalized masterpiece that showcases their individuality, charm, and unique style. Choose from our six stunning cover designs - Rolling Bone, Furbes, Dogue, Dogmopolitan, Playdog, and Time - and let us bring your pet's personality to life. Get ready to celebrate the bond between you and your pet in style! Order your custom dog magazine cover today and make your pet a star!