7 Dog-friendly Ways to Decorate Your House

by Paulius Verseckas on August 03, 2022
custom pet portrait of vizsla dog hanging on the wall in modern interior next to the yellow couch


They say, “a dog makes a house a home.”

Here at RAREPUPPY, we agree! 

Dogs add love and laughter to our homes. Afterall, they are furry family members.

However, people often struggle to find dog-friendly décor. Muddy paws, hair, jumping on the furniture…yes, decorating with a dog requires work. That is why today, we are talking about 7 dog-friendly ways to decorate and style every room in the house. 

Follow RAREPUPPY’s tips for a pet safe and aesthetically pleasing home! 


1. Non-toxic plants 

non toxic dog friendly plant on the table

Indoor plants clean the air. Additionally, their green color brings calmness and sunshine into a room. Unfortunately, many plants are poisonous to pets. When decorating, buy only dog-safe or fake plants.

For example, African violets, spider plants, orchids, and tillandsia can all be chewed by dogs, with no dangerous health effects. 


2. Dark and stain-resistant furniture fabric 

dog friendly couch made of dark and stain-resistant furniture fabric

Muddy paws on a white couch – oh no!

Puppies love to track dirt into the house. Likewise, all dogs will lick, sniff, rub, and roll on furniture. Luckily, chairs and sofas don’t need to suffer. Ask your upholsterer which fabric is long-lasting and stain resistant. 

Secondly, think about decorating in dark colors. Black, blue, green, grey, and brown shades hide small smudges better than white or cream. 


3. Hard surface floors 

dog standing in the kitchen on the hard surface dog friendly floor

In the kitchen (where lots of cooking and eating action takes place) and living room (a busy foot traffic area) consider installing hard surface flooring. Hardwood and ceramic tile are easier to mop than carpet, which traps hairs and odors, and soaks up pet urine and smelly accidents.


4. Screws, shelves, and cabinets 

shiba inu dog breed sitting on the bed next to his custom pet portrait which features his name and shiba inu dog breed silhouette

Have you ordered a RAREPUPPY custom pet portrait yet?

Our unique and hand-designed pet portraits are created with love, care and attention. In fact, we have a color palette to suit all styles! Check them out here.   

Before hanging up any artwork, get the correct tools. There is nothing funnier than watching a dog get “the zoomies!” But what if he bumps into a wall? Shattered glass is dangerous. Plus, frames could potentially fall and hurt your dog.

Secure all art with screws, on a sturdy shelf, or behind a cabinet. 


5. Doggy Doormat

dog on a dog friendly doormat which helps to remove dirt off the dog paws and keep home clean

Does your dog love to dig? Backyards full of holes equal…dirt!  

So, keep your house clean with a doggy doormat. Train your pup to wipe their paws before entering. 

6. Toy bin 

dog friendly toy bin to keep home clean and organized to put all the dog toys

Cleaning up after dogs is a lot like cleaning up after children. Their toys get everywhere. Keep your house tidy with a bin. Open lids make accessing toys easy for dogs. Choose one that matches your décor, like a trendy woven basket.   

You can even teach your dog a “put away your toys” trick.

7. Vacuum 

dog friendly clean home after vacuum cleaning

Finally, last on RAREPUPPY’s list of “7 Dog-friendly Ways to Decorate Your House” is…yes, you guess it…a vacuum! 

All dogs shed, even hypoallergenic breeds. A quick 10-minute vacuum every few days will reduce doghair buildup and dust bunnies. This keeps your home neat, welcoming, and full of spotless décor. 


 Final Thoughts 

australian shepherd dog laying on the couch

There you have it! 

Enjoy decorating your home with these 7 dog-friendly tips. Don’t forget to order your unique hand-designed custom pet portrait for the ultimate pop of color. 

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