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a happy smiling woman holding cute little dog standing near the sea

Celebrate National Dog Day with a Custom Pet Portrait

What is your favorite holiday?Ā  Is it the warm smell...
by Paulius Verseckas on August 22, 2022
pug breed dog and custom pet portrait of this dog in cute pastel colors, it features dogs name and a silhouette

The 5 Best Places to Display Your Custom Pet Portrait

Just like how we display photographs of family, friends, and loved ones around the house, people also want to have custom pet portraits of their beloved pet. There's a list of 5 best places to display custom pet portrait of your pet!
by Paulius Verseckas on August 12, 2022
custom pet portrait hanging on the wall in a modern home room next to the bright yellow couch. Vibrant vintage custom pet portrait compliments any room

7 Dog-friendly Ways to Decorate Your House

Muddy paws, hair, jumping on the furnitureā€¦ decorating with a dog requires work. Today, we are giving 7 dog-friendly ways to decorate and style every home!
by Paulius Verseckas on August 03, 2022
Beagle dog standing next to beagle custom pet portrait that features his name and silhouette with that is cut in red and blue color blocks

Memorialize your pet with custom pet portrait!

A short introduction to RAREPUPPY, our custom pet portraits, how we create it and why you shouldĀ order oneĀ today!
by Paulius Verseckas on July 18, 2022
happy dog owner sitting next to his australian shepherd dog custom pet portrait

Greatest Gifts for Pet Owners in 2022

Let's find out what product features makesĀ a greatest gift for pet owner in 2022!
by Paulius Verseckas on July 12, 2022